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RWET week 10: my utter ire

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Much of my artwork has focused on the idea of the "dangerous" "woman" and it seems that I'm finally bringing that into my projects here at ITP. The concept is really just a core from which many somewhat related inspirations unravel, though definitely connected by the same thread: the ever-pendulating definition of "deviance", the "trans/human/gender/gressive", biopolitical autonomy, intersectional empathy, and the violence that that constantly asserts itself over these lived ideas. This week's assignment was inspired by some reading about the generations of trauma experienced by women at the hands of western medicine, which... is really tinting all of my thoughts at the moment, it's probably about time I bleach my brain with some light sci-fi or something.. :/

Old habits...

I took a fairly long route toward my end result, with lots of tangential trial and error. I have a terrible habit of making new challenges even harder for myself, and this time was no different despite recently receiving some ace advice to try to make the worst possible version of everything first, and then build from there. Obviously has not sunk in. So I caught up on the vectors class that I had missed while sick, and wanted to use it to explore synonymous words that would sort of pull away from the original word or phrase I enter into the code. The hope was to convolute the phrase "I'm sorry" until it had no meaning anymore, as is so often the case...

tktktk still working on blog post sorry

code: https://github.com/medusamachina/rwet-2019-projects/blob/master/Assignment%206_myUtterIre.ipynb

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