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A writer, editor, and producer focused on art, technology, and activism. Has worked for Hopes&Fears, Cool Hunting, AltEsc, Sumzine Magazine, and more. 


Services also available for private clients.

Work shared by publishers including CNN, Gizmodo, AV Club, DNA Info, and more.



A spontaneous performance party that has since evolved into a monthly cross-genre showcase of theater, music, video art, and more. Currently creating a living archive of performers who have shared work at Trevorshaus. Trevorshaus has curated events at Mana Contemporary, Knockdown Center, and Secret Project Robot, with upcoming shows at MoMA P.S. 1 and Dixon Place.

The Earthquake Dancer

A report about Moon Ribas, a dancer whose choreography is cued by a small chip grafted into her elbow which sends seismic readings from all over the world. 


In addition to writing and editing the piece, I also coordinated with the photo producer and graphic designer finalize images and design of the piece.

Doctor Adventure Makes an Ear!

The New Flesh Workshop has served as a factory for the prototyping and production of customized protective gear and wearable technology with the vision of redefining human capabilities. Seth Kane, who is perhaps more appropriately recognized by his alias, Doctor Adventure, has designed a fully-functioning prosthetic for his friend, Juliannah Vasquez, who is missing almost all of her ear—including the opening—since birth due to microtia.

13 Miles of Broadway Typography

Stylized archive of outstanding lettering down Broadway from 181st Street to Bowling Green. With the help of typography expert Ksenya Samarskaya, we worked to identify and classify each specimen, narrowing final choices to 26 distinct case-studies.



Additional tasks included team management, methodical research, expert outreach, and interviews.

Bonding Event Series

A regular, members-only event series produced for Modern Capital that brings together talented people so that they can meet each other. At Bonding, attendees have shook hands over collaborative efforts such as production deals, art sales, and investment opportunities.

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